NYR Update # 3 – Back On Track.

Staying On Track
Staying On Track

I finally lit a fire under my derrier, and did something to get back on track. 

  • I joined a gym.  I don’t like going to gyms, hanging around other dirty sweaty people, but I did it. 
  • I actually went to the gym.  I’ve been 2x now, and I found a Yoga class that I’m in love with.  The class is exactly what I need to reach my Learn Something New resolution to do the splits and back bend/spring.
  • I will be going to the gym a few days a week with a girlfriend… I find that I’m much more likely to follow-thru when I know someone is waiting for me.

 As I may have mentioned, I joined Weight Watchers with a friend.  I am finally back to my original starting weight (I gained a few pounds in Paris, and now that is gone – took two weeks, but its gone!).  This has motivated me to keep going, along with my mom’s experience thus far.

My mom you ask?  Yes, dear mom is just gorgeous.   I get my body from my mom, eyes from my dad.  We carry our weight in the middle (arms, checst, and stomach).  Anyway, I was talking with my mom – she has lost 12 pounds in 2010.   She did this just by eating less – she cuts her meals in half and puts it away. If she still feels hungry,  she drinks a glass of milk. If in 30 minutes she is still hungry, she will have a small snack (celery and peanut butter, carrots, apples & cheese, etc.).   She is going to incorporate exercise into her routine so she can firm up.   But we just picked a weekend in September to unveil our “beach bodies”. 

If I stick to my plan, I can lose my extra weight by my birthday, which is in 2 months.  There is no reason why I cannot do this IF I stay focused.  And I’ve surrounded myself with friends who want to  help. 

In summary, I’m back on track a bit.

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