NYR Update #2 – Off Track.

Hello fans.

Kidding of course.  I do realize I am writing my thoughts down in a public forum for myself.  No one is really that interested in what is going on in Paulas world.

First thing to note is that I had grand plans for this year with regards to my weight.  I set goals, had huge aspirations, but have done little to follow thru.  I signed up for Weight Watchers…  and have proceeded to gain a couple of pounds.  Now, in addition to reaching my ideal weight, I’ve got an extra couple of lbs to lose.  Great.

Second thing is the financial story. I finally gathers my financial documents and I’m prepared to do something about it.  I’ve just not done anything to follow-up/follow-thru.

Third was doing something for myself.  For me, it was stretching and getting back into ‘limber’ condition.  I’ve done some stretching, but as of early March, I’m no further than I was in January.

What is up with me?  I’m usually very good at setting and attaining my goals/aspirations. I’m very disappointed in myself…

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