My First Time……

all those dirty minds out there… nothing juicy here, its just my first time posting to my blog.   Gotcha.  🙂

Next, a note, or rather, more of a warning.  I am completely sober right now, which will most likely NOT be the case when I post future thoughts.  Consider yourself forwarned and read at your own risk.

So, where am I and what am I doing?  I’m in Dallas, along with my work cohorts, learning all about our new corporate strategy.  It may sound like a lot of fun (for those who dont do business travel), but I liken it to the Iran Hostage crisis….  I am now on the 4th day of living, eating, drinking, etc. 24 hours a day with the same 50+ people….  I do love my co-workers (they created this blog for me… they love me too!! They really really do!!), AND if I have to be stuck somewhere with people, I would pick these folks… well most of them anyway (you know who you are)… 😉

But that is neither here nor there.  Its really about what I would do If I got these 4 days back.  This is the important question.  As I ponder the thought, I think about being back in Italy, drinking wine, eating great food, and looking at beautiful people…   I will give this some more thought and get back to you.

Have a happy day!!

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