Tracking The Ever Illusive Gingerbread Man

I have a huge favor to ask you, my readers, followers, fans…  I need you to send a postcard of a ginger person sighting to my niece’s school.

My niece, “Mayonaise”‘s class has started a lesson about the world… The gingerbread “man” has run away and the class is going to track his where-a-bouts via these postcards.  Her teacher has requested that friends and family get involved and mail picture postcards sharing their “sightings” of the gingerbread man. They are going to track the gingerbread man’s travels on a map to see where he/she has been.

In addition, the kids with the most postcards (more than 3) from around the world will get to be a part of a big gingerbread activity… None of the kids or parents know what it is yet…  maybe they will get to build a life-sized gingerbread house (remember they are 5 years old).  No matter what it is, it’s a fun, innocent way to learn about the world and make and eat cookies!!

So, please send a postcard with your ginger person sighting to the following address:

Abby May “Mayonaise”

C/O Mrs. Aggards AM Kindergarten Class

Nebo View Elementary

380 East. 200 North

Nephi, Utah 84648

Stating something to this effect:

“Dear Abby M.

I was on my way to work in my car this morning and you will never believe what I saw!  I looked over, and a gingerbread woman was driving the car next to me!  I was shocked, I didn’t think gingerbread people existed!  When I saw her, she looked back at me, and she blew me a kiss!  What a treat!  I’ve been smiling all day, and I hope this sighting will make you smile too.”  


If you just can’t come up with something clever, a few samples can be found here, here, and here.

She needs as many postcards as possible, from as many different places around the world.  I’m going to send emails to my friends requesting their assistance, but thought all of you would want to help too!

Postcards must be received by Dec. 1st so the sooner you can send one the better!  Only one can be received from each person/address …  otherwise I’d send her a bunch myself!!

Thanks everyone for your support!!

Christmas, Parents, and Porn.

I have a lot to share, and as from the title, theres a little bit for everyone. Get comfortable, its a long story.

 Soo, this year my parents decided to come to CA and spend the holidays with me.   This is the first time in the 13 years I’ve lived in CA that my parents have spent the holidays outside of Utah.  It makes sense – all my other family members have kids…grandkids for them to spoil… in CA, its just me and the cats.   I wanted the trip to be perfect.  That things go smoothly and that they were sufficientlyentertained —  and as one would expect,  things just didn’t go as planned.  Nothing terrible… just not right.

  • The Furnace.  So, as one would expect, the unexpected happened. The furnace stopped working.  It started making a weird sound the night I picked my parents up… I had my dad listen to it… then look at it the following morning.  The motor had “arched”… in laymans terms, this means it stopped working….  As the winds blew and the hail attached the house, we sat, at home, freezing our patooties off.  My parents really wanted to escape the cold of the UT winter storms…. little did they know, they would be bundled up with blankets in a small house in the burbs on a very cold holiday weekend.
  • The Oven.  I now rent a home…and this old home is in original condition, including the ancient stove/oven.  A stove/oven that has been neglected…  When I moved in, I noticed a very strong gas smell. Almost 2 months later, the land-lady took care of it….. all pilot lights have been lit and broken pipes have been repaired. As happy as I am that I did not blow myself up, I was a bit perturbed that I didn’t have enough time to practice cooking with the oven before my holiday entertaining.  Well, the first meal I cooked in the oven was Christmas dinner – a beautiful, organic, AND free-range turkey.  However, I served it in a somewhat raw form BECAUSE the oven temperature is off (I’m guessing about 100 degrees)… And of course, thinking I could make up for it, I turned the tempurature up and burnt the pumpkin pie (over compensation for the turkey)… My mom is taking a picture with me and the stove/oven tomorrow – she still cant believe a ‘modern woman’ could “cook”(if you can call it that) with such an old stove/oven.  I’m just glad they are heading home without a bought of food poisoning.
  • A Movie.  My recommendation to anyone out there that is over the age of 30, DO NOT WATCH Forgetting Sarah Marshall with your parents.  I loved the moved when I watched it the first time – thought it was hysterical, so I specifically ordered it (thank you NetFlix!) so my parents could see it. They like comedies, I though they would get a kick out of it.  HOwever, what I failed to realize the first time I watched the movie is how it is filled with a lot sexual content.  About 15 minutes into the movie, all of us snuggled under blankets (furnace is broken), my mom says, “I feel like I’m watching porn”.  Not a complaint, just a statement.   We continued to watch the movie, and I saw it thru new lenses… and yep,  indeed there is a lot of sex in the movie. Towards the end, during some specific sex scenes, I could not believe I was watching it with my parents (mostly my dad!!!!).. jees.  I wont do that again.


But seriously, even with all of this, the visit was a lot of fun. I learned so much about my parents as well as myself, and we’ve grown closer.  We even broached the subject of death and living wills (which I love to talk about… most other people not so much)..

I took my parents to the airport yesterday, I was sad to see them go.  We had such a good time getting to know each other, with all the unconditional love a parent has for a child and a child has for a parent, but now, also with the full knowledge appreciation that we are all adults, doing the best we can to get thru life.  And as different as we are, we can all get past the small, unexpected disasters and just have fun together.  I’m actually looking forward to another holiday with them. I think next time my mom will want to do the cooking… 🙂