Feeling Alive for the First Time in a Very Long Time.


I’m still crushing on Robert Taylor. He is gorgeous.  If you can believe it, I still have not heard from him.  My friend told me that he was married.  I said he didn’t look married (no ring on his interviews) or act married (all pictures show him with his colleagues, not a wife) so I just don’t believe it.  I think he just isn’t aware of my crush… I may have to start stalking him.. Like I did Seth Macfarlane back in 2009 (more on this if you ask).  All that effort resulted in zero results so I will have think 2x as hard into the level of energy I will put into this crush.

On a personal note, I’m on a new journey to recovery. 4 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Autoimmune disease.  I have started a treatment plan with a homeopathic doctor.  My treatment plan that includes acupuncture and supplements.  As I shared in previous posts, I’ve been desperate to find a solution to my stomach issues and low levels of energy.  I found someone who is helping me.  4 weeks into my treatment and I feel amazingly better.  My skin looks great, I have a lot more energy, and I am actually thinking of things I want to do (vs. can’t do because I’m too tired).   I’ve been so exhausted for so long… I don’t feel exhausted anymore.  Yes, I’m emotionally spent in the evenings, but I’m not thinking about nap time AND I’m getting shit done.  For example, I finally went through all my mail and am working on finishing up my taxes…  and for the last few weekends I’ve actually accomplished tasks vs. not…  I’m excited about the turn of events and the change – I’m turning back into my old self – the old me that I love. The old me that laughs, that has fun, that has energy, that gets shit done.

The best way I can explain what I’ve been going through is to share with you an article I read in the New York Times. I found this while doing my research on my condition and potential solutions.  The article is called  What Is Wrong With Me .  It is a long article but the writer describes what I’ve been going through so perfectly – feeling bad for so many years, being ignored by doctors, becoming obsessed with my condition and solutions, and finally feeling a light at the end of the tunnel once the situation improves.

I have a lot more to share with you – including:

  • I cut all my hair off.  I went to get my hair colored on Friday and on a whim I decided to chop it all off.  It’s gone – a good 10-12 inches.  I got myself a WOB – a wavy bob.  I had never heard of it before, but I decided I wanted a change and this was what I picked.  Not sure if I like it… but what does it matter?  At the end of the day it is just hair and it will grow back.
  • That I am learning how to grill – and my first attempt at grilling was this evening and it was a failure.  Not that hard to grill chicken, or so I’ve heard.  I need help/lessons.  I am in love with the grill that was generously donated to me when my besty C-Licious moved.. I had always considered grilling a “mans job”…  well, I have no man and I love grilled food.  So grilling food is now my job and I’m going to become a grill-meister (master of the grill).
  • the fact that Sophie’s new “thing” is to sleep on my neck and face.  Below is a picture of this – I can share because my face is covered WITH A CAT.

With that said, here is a picture of of Sophie sleeping on my head.  Please note,I used to sleep on my arm so Sophie so she could have the pillow.  I purchased 2 queen sized pillows so that we could sleep on a pillow together.  Is this her way of telling me that the queen sized pillows aren’t enough?  do I now need to upgrade to a king sized pillow? She is so bossy!  An adorable bossy feline that has me wrapped around her cute little paws.

2015-06-Sophie Sleeping on Carinas Face-2








At the end of the day, I have energy and am doing things to move forward with my life.  I feel like I’m thinking clearly for the first time in a long time. That is what this post is about – feeling better (on my way to feeling good again). Finally!

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