Trusty Orange Spatula.

Wow, I think today is the day that I need to recycle my long-lived spatula.  I purchased this gorgeous orange plastic spatula at a Deseret Industries in Utah when I was in college – in 1992.  She has been my trusty grilled-cheese sandwich flipper (in the days that I used to eat carbs), my egg scrambler, my veggie sauter….  my everything kitchen gadget for many many years.  She has been far more dependable than any relationship I’ve had…  

But alas, I think it is her time.  Something happened to her the last time I cooked, she burned herself, and now is not that sturdy ….  Given her condition, I think she is ready to retire…. and its my job to put her down gracefully.  Not sure what I will do with her… if I will wrap her up and burry her in the backyard….  recycle her (the environmentally friendly option that gives her an opportunity to live a whole new life as something else)..  All I know is that I want her to be comforable and know that she has a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.   I will always remember you little Orangey!

2 thoughts on “Trusty Orange Spatula.

  1. harald spain March 2, 2011 / 2:00 pm

    True how kitchen items or even tools, for those who are mecanicaly inclinde hold a special place. I mayself had a wooden spoon that had stired thousands of boiling pots of pausta (I will always be a cabovour) or mixed the meat sauce with said pasta. The spoons handle was warn smooth as the deck of an old wind jaming ship, from years and years of use. It was burned in a noon like cresent around the top, from a moment is in attentiion as I lay it accross the top of a warming pot for too long. The spoon made no complaint it just got up and did its job agian and aging never asking for more than the scance to go to work. A wooden Sponge Bob without the vexting laugh. I had taken it, not been given, from my family when I finally moved out so many years ago.

    So many meals it had allowed me to mess up or make so perfectly through the randomness of cooking that I could never repeat no mater how I tried. It was the ultimate wing man on the most important of missions and it skill on more than a few occasions was enough to to empress a date to spend the night or come ove againr so I could make that great what ever it was.

    Then one day , my then girlfriend some how droped it into a working garbade disposal. She was sorry and we were having an agrument at the time so she was not really to blaim. It did not cause the demise of our relationship, other things, mostly time did that. She was also profoundly sorry as she liked the well warn nature of the spoon and how it felt at home in her hand..

    So I looked for a replacment for a while but nothing took my eye. Tried metal and plastic but they did not work the same so I gave up. Still I kept an eye out as I walked through the most expeensive and exclusive to the rinkest shops selling cooking equipment. Still nothing ever came close.

    After giving up and really not lookiing I found a replacment. Yes it was at a very snooty store but it was about the least expensive thing in there I will say. It was not as smooth or as sure of itself when I picked it up. More like the younger cousin of an old friend who has moved away. They looked the same almost a twin but not quite. As I payed for the spoon, the clerk was a little dissapointed that I did not want a big picture book of great meals that mine may one day taste like but never would look like. Still the cleck was knowlage enough to see that I had exactly what I was looking for that day. I payed and walked out with a new spoon.

    Harold in Spain



  2. Carolyn Davis March 1, 2011 / 9:31 am

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