If she were “your own”.

Really?  Does a person that says this really feel that love  would feel differently if I had bore a child, delivered one out of my loin?  That because I didn’t haven’t physically given birth I’m truly unable to love a kid completely and unconditionally??

I just arrived home after an evening out with friends and friends of friends.  At my age, its common to get the “you don’t have kids?”..”wow, you are really missing out on something.” comments.   However, tonight was the night that it just pissed me off.    So, last night, when talking with a wife of a good friend of one of my best friends, I lost it.  My response was not what the wife or I expected. 

Honesly, I just fundamentally do not understand it –  why do people think “carrying and delivering” is a measure of love, and why in the world, would they think they are superior because they’ve done both (this assumes they love their kid)… It just doesn’t make any sense. So those folks who adopt kids dont know true love?   Its very flawed to think that the love for a child, the aspiration for a better life  for the kid, the US, the world CANNO be at the same depth as someone who physically delivers a kid.  I call bullshit. 

Shame on society and/or people who feel they are superior because they have ‘had’ kids.  IMO, just because they have had sex and produced offspring and are quite possibly only temporarily together (divorce rate is 50%+ these days),  they feel more deserviing of credit than the rest of us. 

SO tonight was the last night I just nodded  my head and look like I’m agreeing with the statement.  Its bullshit and I’m going to call you on it.  If you want to approach  me with the “you dont know…..” story, I’m going to give you an earfull.  It will start with a “You are dillusional”…. “pull your head out of your ass”…  “so love for a child is measured on child birth? … what about all those folks that adopt?”  

There is something to be said for those of us who who love kids that are already on this planet like one of our own.

So, while the rest of you explain to me why the love I feel for my neice is “different” because I didn’t give birth to her, I’m booking my ticket home to see “my kid”, her family, and visit the place I call home.

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