My Furry Family.

So, my family right now consists of myself and my two very adorable cats.  I’ve been a little bit more open about my family lately, to the dismay of my coworkers.

I don’t get out much, by choice.  What I do like to do is stay home and hang out with my little girls, Sophie and Zoey.  What surprises me is  how much I talk to them.  I’ve been doing it for a while now (I’m sure my soon-to-be-ex would say its since day one), but today I got caught on a business call talking to one of the cats.  Heres the situation:  Zoey was scratching at the door, wanting to come in.. and when I opened the door, she just sat there…  not really wanting to come in, just wanting the option available to her (which I totally get).  I think I said something like “get in here baby… come on… tsss tsss”…and she finally saunters in (adorable!!).

So here I am, admitting that I do indeed talk to my cats like they are human, and today I realize that I might be a little over the top with it.  Here are a few things I discussed with the ladies just today:  

  • When they come when called, when they listen to my requests  – “Oh, that’s mommy’s very good girl!”
  • Whenever I see them – “Who loves you? Your mommy loves you!”
  • When one growls (Sophie is a growler) – “Don’t be grumpy, be happy!”
  • When they start fighting – “Hey there, now now… all we have is each other, so stop fighting and start loving!”
  • When they share their hunger pains with me, which without fail begins at 3:59pm – “Hey ladies, I know you are hungry, but give mommy a minute, please?”
  • When I see them out the window, sitting in the street, I open the front door and holler – “Get out of the road, don’t you know cars drive through here?!”
  • When we are in the bathroom – “Quit wasting the toilet paper, you think this stuff grows on trees?!?”

Sound familiar those of you who are parents???  Ummm hmmmm ?!?

So yes, I have become the crazy cat lady. But i’m o.k. with that – they love me, I love them.  Our family is different… but we do have each other, and that’s something. 

Look at them, aren’t they JUST ADORABLE??  🙂

Sophie and Zoey
Sophie and Zoey

2 thoughts on “My Furry Family.

  1. Grant July 31, 2022 / 9:06 pm

    Great blog I enjoyed reaading


    • PaulasPonderings February 15, 2023 / 10:43 pm

      Thank you for reading! I just went to your blog and saw all your great food pics.. Yum! I can’t find out how to follow you.

      I want the recipe for the Chocolate Chip Mint Greek Yogurt Pops… my favorite ice cream growing up was mint chocolate chip.. Yum!


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