Kenny Rodgers – Lady.

Driving home tonight I listened to/sang along with Kenny Rogers –  Lady. This is one of the best songs ever.  Ever.  Reminds me of what “it” is all about.  Yes, the song is cheesy, but really, its about adoring someone, loving someone, feeling so deeply for someone that you dont ask/need anything in return. Its all about sharing how YOU feel about someone else.  How someone else has changed your life (in a good way) that you couldn’t imagine life without them, because “it”, life, wouldn’t be nearly as interesting, fun, loving, adventurous….

If you think this post is rediculous and you want your time back, too bad!!   Another KR song you have to read the lyrics to:  “I Can’t Unlove You“…  breaks my heart.  Makes me realize how fragile we are, as humans, when it comes to matters of the heart.  Kenny  he’s so dreamy, although I do love the “old Kenny look”.. scruffy, furry face, feathers in his hair…. than man is just a class act. 

O.k., one last KR favorite.  Its a duet he does with Dolly Parton, oh yes it is, its Islands in the Stream.  I know every word and sang this song with my twin over a thousand times.  It is such a catchy tune, gets me moving… and grooving… . and really sings about the magic two people can share….  how you can really bond, create a connection, and have a fabulous time doing it!!

I love you Kenny!!!!

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