First Purchase of 2009.

So.. as you all know, one of my 2009 New Years Resolutions is to Not Buy Anything (except for what is on the exception list… ). But Paula’s gone done and purchased something NOT on the pre-approved list.

First, I did go shopping last week. It was all for the condo EXCEPT for one item (or one type of item, but six of them). The condo looks fabulous (its all coming together, I’m so pleased!!), but in my frenzy to make everything ‘perfect’ for the condo, I found and indulged in something for myself.

So what did I buy? Those of you who know me are probably assuming a new pair of shoes… or a cashmere sweater.. nope, not this time. I purchased a matching set of cocktail glasses. They are the perfect size for my favorite drink, “The Carrie”, Grey Goose, Soda, Splash of Cranberry, and a Lime…. The total cost: $6. I will update the 2009 NYR page with this expenditure.

I do understand that I don’t need these glasses. I do have 2 glasses I use now, but my reasoning/excuse for purchasing the new glasses include:

  • Yesterday I only had 2 glasses, which do not match, are of different sizes (some nights I get 8oz, others I get 10oz)..
  • the current glasses are old, worn (they have that white film of over-usage) and too small (see above)
  • the loove new glasses  – they are perfectly sized, hold just the right amount of beverage 

So, thats it… cocktail glasses not on the list, but purchased.. A technically unnecessary item, but one that will get a lot of usage…

Just keeping it honest.

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