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Getting-Started-With-The-Paleo-DietOne of my 2015 resolutions is to lose weight and I’ve chosen to do this by living the Paleo Lifestyle.  As I go on this journey, here are the resources I’ve used to learn more and eat better.



Knowledge is Power.  And Sharing is Caring.  So with that, here is what I’ve learned so far.

  • Chris Krenner’s website is great for newbies and has links to a lot of other good information.  I believe his tips for weight loss on Paleo are spot-on.
  • Danielle Walkers AgainstAllGrain. I LOVE her cookbook, so many great recipes in it.  Her AgainstAllGrain blog is good too, but my favorite thing about Danielle Walker is the cookbook.  The simple slow cooker Pork is my favorite so far, I’ve made it 3 times already.
  • Great information and links on the Eat Good Stay Slim website.  As of Feb. 2015, I’m moving onto the Paleo Template now.



Paleo is hard when you are at work where people bring in carb laden treats and/or you travel and eating on the road is a challenge.  These are my go-to snacks, in order of priority.



Here are some recipes … both good and bad..

  • From Danielle Walkers cookbook and website. I will include links for recipes I can find online:
    • Slow Cooker Braised Pork Shoulder – I have done this 3 times now.  I do as Danielle suggests – so I have one meal to eat and put the other 1/2 in the freezer for later. Its great fresh or from the freezer.  So far my most made dish.
    • Crepes.
      • this is a great recipe, however, they ended up thicker than a crepe so I turned them into toast (toasted them and smothered almond butter all over them .. yum!) and I can see how they could make a great Pizza crust too.  Grain Free Crepe – I make this weekly and use them for just about everything.  I add extra almond milk or coconut milk to make it thinner.. otherwise, I feel the crepe is too thick.  Now I need a crepe pan… ;0)
      • I’m going to try this Crepe – the one I made above is very thick, this one seems thinner, which will make it more versatile for wraps, sandwiches, and “burritos” –Arrowroot Paleo Crepes
    • Thai peanut sauce – this sauce is unbelievable!  I’ve not made the pizza yet, but I use the sauce as a wrap paste (thicker), as a salad dressing (thinner)… Honestly, I overeat this sauce – My favorite is to mix it with rotisserie chicken, carrot shreds, scallions, a bit of basil, and either on a toasted Grain Free Crepe or in butter lettuce..  my favorite lunch right now.
  • My favorite so far – Trina’s collection on Paleo Newbie.
    • Roasted Brussel Sprouts – delicious.  I used regular bacon, used lime juice and didn’t have the potatoes.. and it was delicious.  This is a great recipe because it is so versatile..
  • Paleo egg frittata in the shape of a cupcake.  I make 12 on Sunday and eat them throughout the week.  I use 3 ingredients only – sausage, spinach, and a pepper, or my new favorite – taco meat, onion, and a TBS of diced hot jalapeños from a can. Unbelievable – a portable mexican scramble.    No matter what the combo, I add some spice otherwise they get boring..
  • Sweet Potato and/or Beet Chips.  I’ve made dozens and dozens of these chips and none have turned out right.  Just buy the bags from Terra – TERRA Sweets & Beets. They are delicious.  If they ever come out with a bag full of just beets, I’d buy that…  the beets are the best.

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