2010 – New Years Resolution and Results.

I take a lot of time to think about how I want to “steer my boat” … and every New Year I take the time to reflect on the year, and determine where to boat needs to go the following year.

My reflections have led me to believe there are things that I need to do, that are a bit uncomfortable and necessary (as I’ve gotten very comfortable in my cocoon).  Here is the list:

  1. Beach Body.  I want a beach body.  I’ve done very well in 2009  healtwise, from eating better to exercising more.  However, the weight has not dropped off.  I’m definitely stronger, I look good, I just have what my doctors calls “pillow top”, which is that extra cushy layer that is not necessary and prohibits the viewing of my six-pack abs (among other things).   This year I’m going to do a bit more and I’m going to drop the “pillow top” by:
    • Joining a class.  I’m going to take a yoga, dance, pilates type class.  This gets me out of the house and doing something healthy for myself.  I dont want to sign up for a gym, but I have found a yoga class for the 50+ set at the high school that is a block from my house.  I get along with seniors… so why not?
    • Continue my Abs video.  I’ve been doing 10 minute abs every day for about 6 weeks now. I love it.  I will continue to do the abs video every day …  I love Flat Belly Fast and Six Pack Abs.  Suzanne Bowen, I love you!!
  2. Reduce my alcohol intake.  This is a hard one for me.  I’ve not wanted to do this as I do love my drink.  I am going to do this for two reasons:  1- to get the beach bod I want, and 2-to prove that I can do this.   One way I know I can do this is to NOT go to bed with a cocktail, what I call the “final final”.  I often don’t drink the final final, its more of a comfort thing, but I will be replacing the final final (and all the calories that go with it) with tea.  I’ve just ordered the tea, it should be here early in the new year.
  3. Not Buying It.  I did really well in 2009 until the end of the year.  Then all of a sudden, everything went on sale, and I wanted/needed it.  I hadn’t bought much throughout the year (except for what I needed), and for whatever reason, when JCrew put their colorful jackets on sale before Thanksgiving, the damn broke.  Suddenly I needed more color in my wardrobe and purchased items from JCrew, Banana Republic, Gap, REI, etc…  I’m sure my shopping compared to others was not terrible, but since I had gone most of the year without shopping at all, it felt glutonous and unnecessary.  So, I’m doing it again, not buying it, it 2010.  The only exceptions include:
    • Condo stuff.  I need to purchase a mattress foam topper, a water-proof mattress pad, and a full sheet set for the condo.  I’ve needed to do this and I’ve just not done it. I’m waiting for a sale on Overstock.com ….
    • Experiences.  Always the exception.  I have a trip planned to see my french speaking best friend and I have to go somewhere and show of my Beach Bod sometime…    Any/all trips are excluded from the Not Buying It goal.
  4. Get out More.  I have been a recluse, hermit, crazy cat lady for almost 2 years now… 2 years!  I have a great group of very supportive friends, and I’ve neglected them for a very long time.   They are now used to not having me around, which is unfortunate for me.  I now need to make an effort and get myself out there and involved.  For gods sake, two of my very dear friends have had babies, and I’ve not been to see either of them.  Its shameful. These are very good friends, and I’ve not done anything to support them or celebrate their lives with them.
  5. Learn something new.  The best way to stay young at heart and keep a strong mind is to learn something new.  I didn’t exactly do this in 2009 …  I had wanted to learn the harmonica, but here it is, early 2010, and I’m no closer to this goal. So this year, 2010, I’m going to work on doing something I used to be able to do… that is certainly new to me now. I’m going work on flexibility and I want to be able to do the following items listed below.  I know, I know, I’m close to 40, I could really hurt myself to attempt these physical endeavours, but better to hurt myself doing this than injuring my neck staring down other business travelers (and certainly a better story!!!).
    • the splits.
    • a backbend.   My thought is that the more flexible I am, the less chance I have at truly hurting myself as I’m doing stuff around the house.
    • a back handspring.  It’s natural progression to move from a backbend to a back handspring.  The back handspring is really the backbend with more movement/flow to it.  Its easy once you get it – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEaEAIV_kSQ .  However, if my back, legs, arms, and wrists are not strong, here is what it will look like:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpbbUnGsP4I .  This is why this is a great goal/aspiration.
    • and finally, a round-off back-handspring.  This is the basic in gymnastics – like coffee and vodka to a software salesman.
  6. Financial Matters.  So, I did change my name and get most of my accounts in order in 2009.  I do need to finalize a few accounts (close them and/or change the name on them), but other than this, most of the basics are taken care of.  What I want to do in 2010 is to figure out my life insurance AND create a trust.  Now that I’m single, I do have money, and I dont want it to go to waste.. or rather, I want it to go towards something meaningful.  No one likes to talk about death besides me, so I may as well have this conversation with folks that enjoy this topic, like lawyers and insurance salesmen.  😉  What I do know is that I want my funeral to be a party, I want folks to celebrate my life, move on and enjoy themselves on my behalf.   But in general, I want my loved ones (including my cats!) to be well taken care of in a very specific manner.  The only way to make sure this happens is to make sure its in writing.

So these are just a few goals/aspirations I have for the 2010 year…. it is a lot, but it all has to be done.  May as well happen in the next 12 months.  Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

Happy New Year.

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