2009 – New Years Resolution and Results.

So, I decided to create a new page to keep record of my New Years Resolutions…  largely because I want to be able to find it and comment/contribute to it in an easy way (just one click of a page!).

But I’m also looking for all my readers to keep me honest.  I will link any/all blogs that have to do with my NYR to this page (if I can).   I’ve thought long and hard about these resolutions and its important to me that I stay honest about them.. so friends and strangers alike, let me know if I’m off base/track!

  1. Not Buying It.  So I read this book called Not Buying It. Its a real-life account of a woman and her boyfriend who spend a year not spending money.  As I read the book, I realized that while I am frugal to some degree, but that I’ve done my fair share of retail therapy over the last couple of years.  So one of my NYR is to not spend any money on material things/goods (no more boots and cashmere… ).   Of course, there are a few exceptions. I know, sounds like a loophole, BUT, I didn’t want to go purchase the wrong items because I was making this commitment… so, the exceptions are:
    • Rental Property Items.  I just cant predict what I need for the condo. I’ve promised myself to not go overboard, but if I need something for the rental, I’m just going to have to get it.  Right now I know I need coffee/end tables, a light for the living room, artwork for the walls, and of course, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and the like.
    • Personal Exempt Items.  A couple of items for my current home, including:  coffee and end tables, torchiere light for the living room, one end/nightstand for the guest bedroom.
    • Experiences.  Anything that has to do with travel, experiences with family and friends doesn’t count.  I believe that life is worth living, and living is about enjoying life and having experiences.  Hello Utah, Paris, Italy and the like!!  🙂
  2. Get Healthy.  This one is really about getting and staying healthy, physically and mentally,  however, the overall goal is to lose weight and keep a sane mind.  I’d like to lose 10 lbs… I know, its a lofty goal, but doable I think within the next 12 months.  And mental health.. well, I just received the “check” of stable mental health from my therapist, so all is good there.
  3. Finances.  These last couple of years have been crazy and I’ve not given as much attention to my finances as I should have. Now that things have settled down, I want to get my financial house in order – this includes all of my personal  (savings, 401k, etc) and investment (condo) accounts.
  4. Learn something New.  Soooo, life is about learing new things.  So, in addition to picking back up old hobbies (jewelry making and knitting), I want to learn something new.  Right now I want to learn how to play the harmonica (easy to carry while traveling, sounds good, sounds good with a guitar).  I would love to learn a new language too, but I think a world-wide travel opportunity will need to present itself to make that happen…
  5. Get Back Out There.  So, 2008 was a tough year. Dealing with a relationship gone bad, seperation, sale of a home, a failed attempt to purchase a home (thank god!), a couple of sublets, finding a rental, and ultimately a divorce….  Anyway, I think its time for me to put myself out there, get out of the house, and meet new people.  Of course, this just needs to happen sometime during the year, I’m not feeling ready for it now.

I think that is about it… a lot to do this year…. I know things I never would expect or think about will happen.. but for this year, I want to head towards a sound life – physical and mental stability/hapiness.  I think focusing on these things will help me achive this.

Amount                  Item

$ 6.00                         6 Cocktail Glasses for home usage (“The Carrie”!!!)

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