My Favorites

This is a list of all my favorite things – from food, to wine, to products.  Ask me anything, I’m happy to answer your questions.  I’ll add pictures soon.


  • Amazon Prime.  Honestly, I don’t know what I ever did without Amazon Prime.  I can order cat food to groceries, one-time or on subscription.  I just ordered my vitamins and a cat stand. I haven’t shopped in three forever ago’s because Amazon delivers everything I need.  Amazon Prime changed my life. It is the best.
  • Ikea.  As much as you love to hate every Ikea experience, when you pick the right items, get them home and put together, they are awesome.  here are a fe of my favorite purchases of all time –
    • Kallax series.  I’ve purchased many of these units in a variety of sizes. The quality is amazing. The only thing I wish is that they had more color options available for the drona boxes. I’m looking for a kermit green or for the red to come back.  Until then, my shit is all over the place.
    • Besta Burs desk.  I just bought this – 12/2014 – I love it.  Such a solid piece, small in stature, big on style.  I’m now working from it and I don’t know what I was doing before I got this little gem.  This is a keeper, one that travels with you.


Avon has the best damn products on the planet (except for mascara IMO), and here are a few of my favorites.

  • SSS Body Oil Gel – OMG, the best damn skin moisturizer on the planet.  I don’t like lotions and potions and I love this stuff.  My friends who love lotions and potions love this stuff.  It soaks up into your skin and keeps its moisturized all day.  No itching, scratching, nothing. Just soft, smooth, sensual smelling skin.  Who could ask for more at $7 a bottle?

TV Shows

O.k. so this list is a doozy.  All I have watched and enjoyed, and I don’t watch much TV. As a matter of fact, during my financially tough years, I turned off cable TV and only have internet and a subscription to Netflix.  These are shows that I would recommend because I enjoyed them in an addicted crack smoker way.  I added this on 1/2015 – I’ll keep it updated as much as possible.

Awesome Series on Netflix
  • The Killing – one of my favorite shows for character development AND true to location filming. This is filmed in Portland, I have yet to see an episode where its dry (aka not pouring rain).  I loved the characters, their strengths and weaknesses so exposed.. so vulnerable.  I was drawn in and couldn’t tear myself away.  Needless to say, one of my favorite shows and I look forward to what Netflix follows-up with.
  • Blacklist  – James Spader is the main character and who doesn’t love James Spader?
  • Prison Break – Fox original, now on Netflix.  Amazing story – great twists and turns. I’m a 43 year old female and I’ve never wanted to watch a prison story until this show. Hunky men, great plot, I was addicted.
  • House of Cards – Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright kick ass in this series.  Each season gets better and better, like wine and a nice tomato sauce.
  • Arrested Development – I started watching it while it was with Fox.   It had a huge cult following, Netflix picked up and has released a new season.. I’ve only seen the old shows, they are amazing.
  • Luther – originally a BBC series that Netfix purchased. I’m watching it now – 1/2015 – and can’t get enough


  • If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad then you have been living under a rock.  Best. Damn. Series. Ever.  I want to be Walt Whitman.  I love Walt.  Makes me want to be a chemist, or scientist.  or at the very least a good mathematician.


  • Sons of Anarchy.  I got into this show via a recommendation from a friend.  So good. Addicting.  It’s so outside my element job and family and lifestyle wise so I was super intrigued.
HBO Series I love
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm – Like Sienfeld but more better. Check it out.
  • Game of Thrones
Showtime Series
  • Nurse Jackie. Don’t miss this series.  I think you can catch it on Netflix now. Worth the time.
Awesome Shows that I LOVED
  • The New Normal – one season was awesome, show was not renewed. Too Bad. I loved this show.
  • Parks and Recreation –
  • The Office – both the UK and US versions – hilarious

Unforgetable Movies

This one is a great list, only my favorites of favorites go here..  You really shouldn’t miss out on these movies for a variety of reasons.

  • Shawshank Redemption. Need I say more? It is only the best damn movie on the planet.
  • The Waitress. With Keri Russell.  So good!Tells a story of making lemon from lemonade..  love this movie.
  • The Internship. Newer movie but I find myself watching it over and over when it is on. I’ve not made the purchase yet, which is a tell-all of how I really feel about the movie. We will see.. its on my shortlist.

What am I missing? Tell me, I’m interested in new shows, series,

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