New Year is Here. I’m Ready.

perfect sunrise-j3imageryI’m super excited about the New Year. The last few years have not been good for me.  That’s why I’ve not written – no one needs another sad sob story to read or relate to.  BUT, changes have been underway, and 2015 is going to be a great year.  Which I’m happy to share.  Not the Facebook “I’m great and my family is perfect” kind of post/dialog, but a real-life, grateful that I’m here without all the “god bless” and “thank you god” shit.  God didn’t help me down or up, it was all me.  And I’m taking all the credit for it.  I waited patiently for something to happen and nothing did. When I got sick of waiting, shit happened. I MADE IT HAPPEN.  I did it.  I realized the problem, I fixed it, or at the very least have started pushing the ball in a forward motion.

Anyway, the last couple of years have been horrible.  Every time I felt like the tide was turning in my favor, I was wrong.  Life socked it to me, year over year.  and it didn’t get better for a very long time.  Until 5 months ago.  When I decided to stop waiting, things started changing.  What did I do? I stopped being so passive.  I stopped waiting for:

  • Work to recognize me and I recognized me. I recognized the amount of time I put into a job that I loved but wasn’t paying me back – financially or professionally.
  • My boyfriend to save me.  He has means and he likes to share.  Just so happens that it’s not with me. And that is o.k.  I can fix what I created….  and I’ve started down that path. When I succeed, I’ll know I did it, that it was all me.. (there will be a lot of discussion on what a Parter is in 2015)

And now I’m going to get out of my own way and I’m going to make shit happen.  I felt old, tired, and irrelevant a few months ago.  I’m moving towards feeling younger, revitalized, and more creative…..  I’ll outline my plan in my New Years Resolution post..

Exciting things to come this year.. yeah for me, yeah for 2015!  I hope you all have or feel the same level of excitement and energy.  If not, I get it, believe me I do..



Breaking Up Is Soooo Easy.

equinox-website-logoAhh.. not a boyfriend, but a gym – Equinox.   They keep emailing me to rejoin…. some sort of nurture campaign.  If they only knew why we broke up, they wouldn’t be trying to court me again.  So I decided to tell them – below is my request for them to stop emailing/calling me –

You don’t know me, I “broke up” with Equinox before you came aboard.
The reason I broke up with you is because your club was less than accepting/engaging/encouraging of members outside of your target audience – the non-working wives of rich men.  I, not being in that club, had a difficult time finding classes that were interesting and engaging at reasonable hours (10am is NOT reasonable for a working woman)… 
I worked with your staff for over a year, and even paid dues even though I never attended classes at your club. Why? Because I wanted to be there, I just didn’t have the work schedule that matched your class offerings.  I hoped to one day get back to the club…. 
 After a year of not attending a class, I asked one of your membership counselors for a “freeze” in my membership until I could get to a place where I could enjoy your facility again.  The woman in charge said “absolutely not” and made no attempt to help me in my difficult time (I moved from a work-from-home position to a must-show-up-in-the-office position).. Needless to say, I had to cancel my membership.  Spending $160/mo for absolutely nothing in return is not a wise financial decision.
And now you email me.  As flattered as I am that you want me back, I’m not interested.  I still have a very bad taste in my mouth about the last experience I had with one of your “counselors”.  Your emails only serves as a reminder of this bad experience.  
So for now, I would  appreciate it if you remove me from your mailing list/ add me to your do not contact list.  When I get a job with more schedule flexibility, marry a millionaire, and/or can retire completely, I will think about joining your club again.
Until then, I wish you luck in your member recruitment.
And that was it. It was that easy.  Practice makes perfect.  🙂
Update 12-8-2014:  This was my breakup letter. I got a response from Equinox saying he would remove me from their mailing list.. however, this is not the case. I just received another email from them, sharing with me the special “zero initiation” fee offer they have going on now.  As fabulous as this sounds, I again asked to be removed from their mailing list.  I know, I’m a hot commodity.  Nice to know someone wants me.  😉