Ahhhhh.. Communication!

So I’m so thrilled I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes.  I’ve been assigned my first prospect where I will be the lead … and guess what?  I called the Sales Exec, we spoke for 10 minutes so I could get an update on the prospect and strategize, TOGETHER, on what we would do and how we would like to proceed..  Can you believe it?  Real communication?!?!  I’m so excited; how can I not be successful when I’m working with folks that a) want to be successful, and b) want their teammates to be successful?!?  I’m so verklempt about it.  I know, short post, but I had to share with someone!


Tracking The Ever Illusive Gingerbread Man

I have a huge favor to ask you, my readers, followers, fans…  I need you to send a postcard of a ginger person sighting to my niece’s school.

My niece, “Mayonaise”‘s class has started a lesson about the world… The gingerbread “man” has run away and the class is going to track his where-a-bouts via these postcards.  Her teacher has requested that friends and family get involved and mail picture postcards sharing their “sightings” of the gingerbread man. They are going to track the gingerbread man’s travels on a map to see where he/she has been.

In addition, the kids with the most postcards (more than 3) from around the world will get to be a part of a big gingerbread activity… None of the kids or parents know what it is yet…  maybe they will get to build a life-sized gingerbread house (remember they are 5 years old).  No matter what it is, it’s a fun, innocent way to learn about the world and make and eat cookies!!

So, please send a postcard with your ginger person sighting to the following address:

Abby May “Mayonaise”

C/O Mrs. Aggards AM Kindergarten Class

Nebo View Elementary

380 East. 200 North

Nephi, Utah 84648

Stating something to this effect:

“Dear Abby M.

I was on my way to work in my car this morning and you will never believe what I saw!  I looked over, and a gingerbread woman was driving the car next to me!  I was shocked, I didn’t think gingerbread people existed!  When I saw her, she looked back at me, and she blew me a kiss!  What a treat!  I’ve been smiling all day, and I hope this sighting will make you smile too.”  


If you just can’t come up with something clever, a few samples can be found here, here, and here.

She needs as many postcards as possible, from as many different places around the world.  I’m going to send emails to my friends requesting their assistance, but thought all of you would want to help too!

Postcards must be received by Dec. 1st so the sooner you can send one the better!  Only one can be received from each person/address …  otherwise I’d send her a bunch myself!!

Thanks everyone for your support!!

Writing A Bio – What Do You Say When You Don’t Have “Wife/Husband and Kids”?

I will write more about my new job (I LOVE it) later when I have more time. Right now I have to write a professional/personal bio that my manager can send to the masses.  All the examples I see include what people do in their free time – which most often includes a spouse and kids.  Now, if you don’t have a spouse and kids, what do you say?  I can’t put what I usually do – hang out with friends and sleep, eat, and drink to my merriest content… that I’m not married, have no intention of being married, and that I’ve just shacked up with my boyfriend, and that my cats rule the roost.  That they poop in the neighbors garden and I’m now training them to poop in our backyard…  that I’ve not completed one New Year’s resolution this year..

So, without all that brazen honesty, here is what I’m thinking:

Paula most recently joins us from XXX where she was the lead tech sales consultant for the business rules process platform in the Telecom and Media vertical.  Her role was to lead a team thru all stages of a longer-term enterprise sales cycle.  Prior to XXX, she held various consulting, development, marketing, and technical pre-sales roles at Andersen Consulting, PeopleSoft (pre-acquisition), Crossworlds, IBM, and Corticon.  Paula is originally from Provo, Utah and is a graduate of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.
Paula lives in San Mateo with her boyfriend and two cats and spends her free time with friends doing any number of activities: exercising, cooking, eating, wine tasting, etc.  She has quite a few hobbies, the two that top the list right now are jewelry making and hula hooping.  Learning to sew, knit (again), and speak Spanish are on next years New Years Resolution list.

If any of you have any comments, suggestions on what I should really include that helps me stand out and seem interesting and not like a crazy cat lady please let me know.. I’ve got to get this out by the end of the day.