GM Diet Day 3 – Fruit and Veggies.

Summary for Day 2 – 1/2 a pound down … not as much as on Day 2, but hey, its something!  

Summary of Day 3zero gain, zero loss.   Day 3 was fruits and veggie day – yeah!!  I had a great breakfast and lunch…  however, the afternoon and evening took a turn for the worst.  I went with a friend golfing and had a glass of wine afterwards.  I also had a date on Wednesday night, had a great Greek salad and took a few bites of my dates skirt steak. The big no-no was the glass of red wine…  This is why I cannot go out while I’m dieting, I have zero will power…  drinking has more to do with socializing than it does with drinking…. 

Oh, and my period started..

Given all of this, I’m actually shocked I didn’t gain weight.  But I didn’t… so its o.k..  I’m interested to see how this affects the rest of my diet.

Day Date Day Morn Weight (lbs) Loss/ Gain # glasses of Water Daily Activity
1 29-Aug Mon. 126.1   8 10 min walk
10 min abs
2 30-Aug Tues. 124.1 (2.0) 8 40 min run
10 min abs
3 31-Aug Wed. 123.6 (0.5) 7 60 min golf
4 1-Sep Thurs. 123.6 0.0    

Thursday, Day 4, is all about bananas and milk.  I had debated whether to do another day of fruit and veggies, but decided to just continue with the plan…  Wish me luck – I’m crossing my fingers that I didn’t derail myself.

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