Mouse in Hiding.

So last Monday was a tough one.  I had an 8am call, a 9am in the office meeting, and a 7am step-over-the-gift from the cats morning…  I thought almost stepping on a cleaned-up dead mouse was bad.. but that isn’t even close to what I’m experiencing now.

The mouse I mention in my last blog?  No, not the one the cats brought to me as a gift, the other one they brought around, alive, and chased around the house.  I never received the gift….  but after a few days, I know where it is.  It is dead, under the washer or dryer, rotting.  It’s been hot at home lately (I live in No. CA), so the smell has been horrific.  I do not have the strength to move the washer or dryer by myself (believe me I have tried).  The cats dont seem to notice… its killing me.

I’m going to have a friend over tomorrow to help me move the washer and dryer, find that dead, rotting mouse body, and toss it out.  I’ll be so relieved when “it” is gone.